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Tones of Pink


The Scenery Resort and Farm

Friday, October 15, 2010

Our lovely neighbour came across this resort in someone else's blog, and share it with us since we were heading to bangkok.

And we fell in love with the place just by viewing the website.....

check it out -->

Having been to bangkok for so many times, this is the first time we will travel out of bangkok for a different agenda (other than shopping!).

Here's how to get there:

We flew to Bangkok, and took a pre booked taxi to the resort. The journey took us 3hrs. The fare is approx sgd160 (return trip, back to bangkok city when we check out of the resort)

About the resort:
The staff are extremely friendly and welcoming.

Upon arrival, i was asked to choose from two fragrances for our room, i chose lavender. The staff will drop lavender aromatheraphy oil into the burners in our villa.

We were escorted to our villa by buggy and when we enter the villa, we were greeted by aircon that was obviously turned on for a while, and soothing Olivia Ong's songs playing in the background. They had the details all arranged. Nice and impressive.

The villa is clean and neat. No carpet, but timber flooring. Very clean.

The bedding is extremely comfortable, there is a cushioned platform by the side of the king bed, and it became the perfect place for our bb to sleep at nite. Nice.

We stayed at Barbados, which is their VIP villa. It comes with a jaccuzzi, seperated from the living with a huge glass panel. Nice. Our bb enjoyed the 'pool' so much!

Dinner at Honeyscene is impressive too. Food is nice, staff is friendly and attentive. Absolutely no complaints. Before we leave the restaurant, the staff told us to visit their toilets, because he said the toilets are very nicely decorated. :)

We went. Nice and clean.

Breakfast is one serving for each person, and we chose the american breakfast. Private, nice and clean (again).

While having breakfast, we get to enjoy the exclusive scenary and watch the cows and horses eating grass..
no foul smell. Clean. What a relaxing and nua way to start our day.

The resort prepared chunks of leaves by the side table, free for guests to take and feed the animals. Thoughtful.

We get to feed the sheeps near the entrance when we pay 40baht for each adult. children is free to go in but will not get the leaves for feeding. Well, thank God, only livingstone held the leaves, while I was carrying our bb. Becos the sheeps flocked to him when they see their food, some of it stood on their hind legs and lean against livingstone, asking to be fed. The aftermath was a pair of dirty and stained bermudas. This was quite an experience.

Before we checked out of the resort, the friendly staff will offer to take a foto for us in the five scenes they have created, after which, they will hv the foto printed and presented to us as a gift. Thoughtful, isn't it?

When we were inside the taxi ready to leave, the staff at the reception lined up in a row to wave us goodbye.....This is excellent service.

We love the resort to the max.

taken by the resort

And for my friends who are interested to go, pls dun hesitate, go ahead and start planning!
if u hv kids, jus make sure they can tahan the long journey in the car. prepare lotsa entertainment for them, and hv fun! :D

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Scam - GMAIL

Monday, September 20, 2010

I rx an email today, this is how it was written:

From: Gmail [mailto:accessreply.database@gmail.com]
Sent: Sunday, September 19, 2010 7:46 PM
To: support@google.com
Subject: Your Account

We are shutting down some email accounts and your account was automatically chosen to be deleted. If you are still interested in using our email service please fill in the space below for verification purpose by clicking the reply button. Learn more.

Full Name.
Birth Date.

Your Account Will Not Be Interrupted After Following The Instructions And Your Service Still Continue As Normal. We Apologize For Any Inconveniences.Thank You For Using Gmail.


This is obviously a scam....be warned.


Therapeutic Nite

Saturday, September 18, 2010

For two years, I have withdrawal symtopms when it comes to watching action packed movies.
I selectively watched them if I had to.
So how did it happen?
I guess, it was just too much of them, and I was deprived of my fav type of shows - romantic comedy, and totally romantic movies.
(I even had to watch 'Nanjing Massacre 'with him when I was pregnant!)
Now, when heswitched on the DVD player for his movie marathon on weekends, I switched off my brain and walked straight to my bed. Period.

I finally shared with him .... that I missed these shows...

After SATC not long ago, I watched 'Confessions of a Shopoholic', how slow I was, I know.
But better late than never.
I was literally rolling on my sofa, Laughing.
It was so therapeutic for me!
And as for him, I think it was seeing me happy that makes him think the movie was interesting.

It was 3.30am when the show ended, bb was sleeping in her room, and I was still giggling when I replay the scenes of the movie in my head.....

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Barney LIVE 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

My bb is a fan of Barney, but, I would never know the existence of this show, had it not for judy and peggy asking if we were keen to go together. Me so ignorant abt such stuff lar...

So, with all the hassle and arrangement, we have decided to purchase the cheaper tix at $38 (with a further discount when i used the STAR card), and only attend the show with cousin edgar and family.

I was anticipating for this show much more than bbTara would i guess! bcos, the nite before, i was hovering around ryan's ears, and kept telling him how excited i was, as the show will be less than 24hrs. He goes, 'xiaoyee, u hv told me many many times....'
ha....so much for containing my anxiety to see the purple dino LIVE.

Anw, the next day, boy, i woke up at 630am! the show was 11am fyi.
I had to be up early to prepare the meals that i hv to bring out that day. ya, lunch and dinner for her only.
It wasn't difficult, more like a habit for me when i had to bring her out early, or for the entire day.
I had not overcome the thought of her eating table food, so I had to be more diligent in this manner.

And when the time is near, we packed our bag, dressed ourselves, and off we drove to expo, where the egg would be hatched for the PURPLE DINO, haha

Look, bbTara had her barney with her, how cute.

Turns out that, Barney is such an icon! almost every kid was dressed with barney tees, or carrying a Barney plush...how interesting!

the show was honestly not as fun as i thought it to be, but, just being there for our bb, and moving around with her after the interval, to somewea near the stage, got more exciting.

would i watch another show of such? NOooooooooooooooooo..
I still prefer those complimentary public show at the malls, come x'mas season, we will be malls hopping. :D
(fyi, daddy dozed off during the show.)

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Cookies, My bake.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Many Many Many pple, raised their eyebrows, when I tell them that I have not yet introduced biscuits to my bb.
She is turning 20mths tomorrow, shockening isn't it?
It is likely bcos the mummy me, doesnt snack, which means, the bb dun get to snack.
And why shld she snack on junk food?
I choose to give her fruits and bread if she needs a snack in between her main meals.

I am very fussy over what my bb eats. And I am open abt it. I dun hide.
Pple give me the 'why-cannot-eat-look'? but i politely tell them it is just my personal preference.
Not that the packaged biscuits will kill my bb (of cos it doesnt.), but, i believe there are other healthier alternatives to snacks. At the same time, i am trying to cultivate her self control skills, such that she doesnt fuss over what others are having, while she does not.
So far so good, my family and close frens respect what we hv decided, and doesnt give her the extra food, or they will always ask me before they do offer her.

Last wk, I baked the cranberry cookies (thanks to felin for the recipe!), I gave bb her first cookie.....and of cos, i enjoy watching her taking her every bite on her first cookie. =)

It doesnt mean I am open to all cookies now, Im still selective.
and only those that i baked for now.

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Hollywood After Hours

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A few wks ago, I saw the sign at the ticketing booth when we were at Resort World.
It said there would be admission tickets for "Hollywood after hours", from Thursdays to Sundays (For June only), ticket sales start at 6.30pm.

It immediately striked me that it would be a perfect chance to bring my mum in there for a walk, since she wouldn't enjoy any of the rides, and we would not want to pay $70 for the admission ticket for now.

So, we went today.
I have no experience of how the ticket sales response will be, whether there will be any limit of ticket quantity and whatsoever. We arrived at 6.30pm, and was a little taken aback by the snake queue at the ticketing booth.
As we stood at the end of the queue, suddenly, someone approached me and asked if I wanted to buy their 4 tickets. WHAT! I couldn't believe my ears initially, but my hand had alrd stretched to their tickets and swept them away from the owners. Anw, they explained that they mistakenly bought too many tickets.
I need 1 more ticket!
and immediately, I walked to the beginning of the queue, targetted a stranger, and pleaded with him to buy just 1 more ticket for me (of cos i showed him my existing 4 tickets).
In 10mins, I got my 5tickets. YAHOOO!
Looking at the snake queue, Im delighted. heh heh.

We walked to the gantries for admission, but had to join the queue.
We will only be allowed to enter at 7pm.
There was again a very long queue behind us after a while.
This is so Singapore. :)

Anw, long story cut short, we had our dinner in USS (one of the pizza store), and with my sista who had already had her fun in USS before, she explained to us the things we saw and also recommended our dinner.
I didnt expect us to stay in there until almost 10pm, but we did.
dine, took pictures and shopped.
U asked me if the $2 was worth the hassle and all?
hmmm...the good companion and quality time spent is priceless.

Note - It is coming to end June soon, if u are planning to visit USS with "hollywood after hours' scheme, my advise is, take ur dinner first. Buy ur tickets after 7pm, there will be no more queue. Walk at leisure after that inside USS, so u do not need to squeeze with the crowd for ticket sales and dinner.

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The day of fake tai tais in the making

Friday, June 11, 2010

My sister must have felt guilty for not being able to meet us this june holiday, due to an increase to ryan boy's tennis lessons.
She took a day's leave, so that we can all spend a day together.
Thanks Thanks Thanks!!

I quickly planned for the day, and since she was the pay master for our high tea, I had to choose Rose Veranda. The place I long wanted to go... heh heh

There is not much to rave about the food to be honest. It was just decent, with salad bar, main courses, dim sum, sashimi+sushi, pastries and desserts.
My asian-blooded mum of cos didnt enjoy the spread like we did.
After a serving of mee goreng (alike), fish, and dim sum, she headed straight to the kuei line.
Even the 102 selections of premium tea, didnt please her.
While the rest of us walked to the line several times, eating and sipping the tea, like a tai tai in the making.
And I had my long-craved-and-satisfied share of sashimi and dessert! yum!
The best thing is, the high tea, unlike other hotels, end at 6pm. So there is no rush here.
We took our own sweet time.

After the high tea, which ended for us at 4pm (thank god the kids were ok for the long session there!), we drove to Resort World Sentosa. Ha, finally walk the galleria, with hand empty and spending no single cent. haha.

But, we rushed to United Square after that, and spent lots of monies. This GSS will be the month my credit card bill will come in pages, im sure.

This is one of the many, super duper quality time I had....thanks to my family who made it happen.

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Kenny's b'day celebration

Monday, June 07, 2010

For a few years, we have not been celebrating the birthdays of many frens in this group.
Well, this yr, I seek their agreement to RE-celebrate these impt days again.
Since Siang's birthday was 4mths ago, I reckon Kenny will not rem that we will celeb his b'day, so, I thought, let's make it a hush hush thing for him, and see if we could surprise him.
Unfortunately, peggy lost her iphone the day before, and she had to ask kenny for my tel number (speaking of pple nowadays, we rely too much on address bk, that we hv no more manual phone book, or memorise the tel number lor! haha)
well, one thing leads to another, and kenny was suspicious of the nite.

They arrived finally at Keppel Bay's TCC, and i hv pre-arranged for the TCC's staff to present kenny his slice of b'day cake. Mango Mango....

The rest of the nite was pigging out, catching up, and entertaining the two kids in the hse.
I think the other customers in the cafe must have hated us, cos we were reaaaaaaally noisy.
There were the eleven of us, and to speak to the person on the other end (on the long table), we had to read lips, fight with our frens' voice, and the ching chang sound of the plates and cutleries in the cafe.
wow, this is a challenge.

A pity I had not enuf space and time to catch up with the ladies....

but im sure, we'll do it agn soon!

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Bali Culture

Sunday, June 06, 2010

We have shelved plans to try this restuarant on many occassions, mainly bcos I was not confident of the food.
Tonite, I finally decided to reserve the table for three.
Lucky I did.
The experience in this restaurant turned out better than expected. :)

Bali Culture is located inside a Club, Orientus Resort.
Besides Bali Culture, there is another chinese tze char stall which is also pretty crowded. I saw many tables having steamboat.
Another score point factor, will be the free parking inside the club.
Although I reserved a indoor table, we ended up sitting at the alfresco area when we arrived, mainly bcos the outdoor tables are by the poolside. And that means, bb gets to be entertained. :)
There is a live band indoor though. We get to hear the live band via the central system. Pretty good.

We ordered a chendol and calamari to share, livingstone had the chicken in zurich style (recommended by the hse), and I decided to try the ayam penyat.
The dishes turned out all good!

Chendol was creamy and quenching. The zurich chicken topped with crunchy rosti came with a very nice gravy, and my ayam penyat wasn't disappointing either, comes with a small pc of tauhu, tenpeh and tender chicken thigh. The chili goes very well with the chicken. abit sour, spicy - refreshing!

The total bill came up to be $50.80, and we decided to sign up for their membership.
The culture group owns three restuarants - The Bali Culture, Beach Culture and the SWISS Culture.
The membership cost $30/yr, comes with 6 pcs of $10 voucher, to be use when the bill hits $30, max 2 vouchers to be used each time.
The member card is entitled to 15% on final bill without the vouchers.
With this card, we can also utlise the resort's amenties such as the bbq pit, the swimming pools and i think to book the chalets as well.....too bad the javanese massage jus moved away, otherwise, it could hv been perfect for us.

The resort ain't big. To be frank, it kind of looked quite run down. Im pretty surprised to see that the chalets are mostly occupied tonite. hmmm....
Maybe its the june holidays. chance off the congested city, why not?

And so, u guessed it, we're going back agn. join us! :)

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The Better than Expected Road Trip...

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Thanks to the frens who suggested a road trip during this long weekend. It was another milestone with my bb. =)

I expected her to be cranky in the car, afterall, it is going to be a 5hrs trip up to genting.
Thank God! She was pretty manageable. Cranky a bit, slept a bit, played a bit....all under controlled. (i hope the driver and passenger agreed with me loh... lol)
And she didnt make a single noise when I had to dig her up from her dreamland at 4.30am.
She was all excited and ready to play!

We had fun at genting indoor theme park. It was a good place for the old and young i must say.
from casinos, to food, to shopping, to entertainment, they have it all!
I even suggested livingstone to hop onto the kiddy train with bb while i shopped! extremely convenient! But i think he took the train too many times, till he was resting his head on the train while bb was happily enjoying the ride. haha....

I had my retail therapy not only in Genting, but more so in KL...it was awesome! with a short shopping time allocated, i grabbed abt 40+ clothings for the lil family of mine!
dun ask me how i do it,
coupled with good food, what more can i ask for?
and my mister had his full body massage too.

It was amazing, with just 3d2n, and spending so much time travelling, I had to say we made full use of the time and did many many things.
On the way back, we even stopped at JB-Giant for grocery shopping, and also had very nice pee-pa-ya (thanks to dennis's recommendation!) for dinner before heading home.

And guess what? there was NO JAM at the custom as we expected it to happen....

It was like Jess's comment...it was a short and nice trip. I totally had to agree.

foto of bbtara in towel after shower in genting hotel. :)

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